Special offers

BALTUVILA offers - a convenient 6-seater bus and FREE for your vacationers, we can take you from or to the airport, bus station. Free of charge we can take you to Palanga for different events and bring back to the villa.
For an additional agreed fee we can take you to the city of Klaipeda. You can visit the Maritime Museum to watch a show of dolphins. You can organize a one-day trip to the Kursk plait. Visit Nida, Juodkrante.
There are other interesting attractions - Winter Garden Kretinga, Lithuanian Venice - the village of Minge, Uostadvaris.
You can visit a very beautiful Latvian city - LIEPAJA. If the weather has deteriorated and there is a desire - let's sit down, we plan and really find what we're doing.
A good rest and a great vacation wish you BALTUVILA ...


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Baltų vila - For Your Rest, Žilvino str, 3, Kunigiškės, Palanga, 00160

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