MILDA apartment


These apartments with separate entrances are on the first floor. One apartment area is 45 sq.m. Next to the entrancy there is outdoor furniture. The apartments are ventilated by a central ventilation system. In the apartments there are mosquito nets. There can rest up to 3-4 persons. There is a hanging cradle for newborns.

Living room + kitchen - 24 sq.m.
- large TV. Cable TV
- sofa-bed which easily can be transformed into comfortable double bed.
- sideboard, table + 6 chairs, chest of drawers.
- kitchen furniture. Dishes, pots, cutlery
- oven, stove, microwave oven, kettle
- Wi Fi, safe.

Bedroom - 15 sq.m.
- double bed, wardrobe
- TV. Cable TV
- Wi Fi

Bathroom - 5 sq.m.
- shower
- WC, sink



from June 1 to September 1 - € 100
from 1 September to 1 June - € 60

Milda is the Goddess of love, freedom and matchmaking in the Baltics.

People believed that Milda was orbiting the entire world by air carriage, which was being drawn by a group of white as snow pigeons. This Goddess was especially disliked by prudes.
Milda meant freedom and was not a Goddess of marriage. She cared for love as it was, it did not matter at all, whether the people in love were married or not. People believed that love was free, people fell in love regardless of any taboos, traditions, superstitions, social, cultural or other differences. All of these matters were did not concern Milda.
Milda taught to love people. No need to pay attention to any constraints, prohibitions. No need to be ashamed of your love, whatever it may be. Milda released from outwardness, and therefore all blushing believers and the representatives of other vicious religions always disliked Goddess Milda and feared for her. They even tried not to mention her name.
Milda helps to find a friend. Milda is the patroness of lonely people. Milda can infatuate. In spring, when the nature wakes up, usually feelings full of flavours and freshness also wake up. At that time, people usually made altars for love.
May Festival is Milda’s day, the festival of lovers. It is celebrated on the 13-th of May. It is the day designated to love and freedom. On that day, even the hopeless shirks and hypocrites forget their fears and superstitions.

Ancient Lithuanian gods and goddesses

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