MOON apartment


These apartments with separate entrances are on the second floor. One apartment area is 50 sq.m. In every apartment there are two balconies with outdoor furniture. The apartments are ventilated by a central ventilation system. In the apartments there is air conditioner. There are mosquito nets. There can rest large family – 6 persons (individual agreement - for an additional fee).

Living room + kitchen - 33 sq.m.
- large TV. Cable TV
- two sofa-beds which easily can be transformed into comfortable double beds.
- sideboard, table + 6 chairs, chest of drawers.
- kitchen furniture. Dishes, pots, cutlery
- oven, stove, microwave oven, kettle
- Wi Fi, safe.

Bedroom - 11 sq.m.
- double bed, wardrobe
- TV. Cable TV
- Wi Fi

Bathroom - 6 sq.m.
- bath - shower
- WC, sink
- washing machine



from June 1 to September 1 - € 100
from 1 September to 1 June - € 60

The Moon (the God of the Moon, Mėnuo, Mėnesys, Mėnesėlis) is the God of the nightlight

The ruler of the time, the warrior, the duke, the proponent of the growth of the vegetation, according to which a calendar was drawn up. The Moon was a light in the night, scattering darkness and evil creatures hovering around in the dark, thus helping people to protect themselves against all kinds of dangers. The stars protected the Moon from devils and witches.
The Sun’s husband was less important than the mother Sun waking the life, the reviver of the Earth. The warming Sun gives the Earth the first plots of life, and the moon impregnates and refreshes her. Somewhere the Moon is called the Sun’s Brother or Solar Brother. The solar brothers are white columns that appear on both sides of the Sun before the sunset and they mean that the whether is going to change. Moreover, the Moon is called the father, daddy, the patron of the harassed girls, orphans, a waymark to wanderers. People asked the Daddy to alienate from people illnesses, diseases, famine, fires, wars, sinking in the water.
The appearance of the new moon is considered to be the MOON’s birth. After a week, the Moon goes into the second phase - it becomes a half-moon. When its appearance approaches the circle, people call it the crescent moon. The moon, which has become circular in shape, is called the full moon.
The new moon phase and the full moon phase were considers by people as the most important phases of the Moon. People believed that the full moon symbolised beauty and prosperity.
The waning moon was considered to be the Moon’s death. 3 nights, when the Moon did not appear in the skies were considered the time, when the Moon was travelling to another world to shine to dead people. The belief in the Moon’s connection with the world of the dead helped to emerge incantations against various diseases. The incantations had to be powwowed facing the Moon.

Baltų vila - For Your Rest, Žilvino str, 3, Kunigiškės, Palanga, 00160

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