Important information

Internal Rules of Procedure of the Guest House “BALTUVILA” (THE VILLA OF THE BALTS)

1. Booking procedure:
- booking shall be made using the e-mail Ony general information is given by telephone +370 698 30222.
- a guest submitting a request concerning the rent of apartments shall indicate the number of arriving people. If arriving with children, please, indicate the age of children.
- having received a request about the desired to book apartments, the hosts will present full information about the availability of the desired apartments. Having agreed the booking time, the advance payment of 30 percent is required. The guest shall transfer the advance payment to the indicated bank account within 3 business days. Failure to pay the advance payment in due time entitles the hosts to cancel the booking of the apartments.
- a contract on the rent of apartments shall be deemed concluded, when the guest pays the advance payment and the hosts confirm booking. The outstanding amount shall be paid on the day of the arrival of the Guest. The payment may be made in cash or by bank transfer. Unfortunately, any payments using cards have not been available, yet. In the event if the guests decides to leave earlier, the paid amount will not be repaid.
- a guest may cancel booking not later than 30 days before the day of arrival. In such case, the advance payment will be repaid to the bank account indicated by the Guest. If the guest cancels the booking less than 30 days before the arrival, the hosts shall keep the advance payment as forfeit.
- only such number of persons may arrive to the booked apartment without any extra charges, which was agreed during booking.
- although we love animals, but we really ask you to come without your pets.
-ARRIVAL from 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. You should notify the hosts by hone about your later arrival.
-DEPARTURE until 12.00. Apply to the hosts concerning your later departure or your luggage storage.

- for each additional guest - € 15 per day. This price includes bedding and towels.
- an additional folding bed - € 5 per day.
- an additional towel - € 3 per day.
- rent of bicycles and other inventories in accordance with the applicable price list, which is available at Moreover, all rates are also available in each apartment.
- additional cleaning of apartments - € 8.

2. The hosts shall be obliged to:
- provide the guest with the apartment as it was provided for during the booking.
- to familiarise the Guest with the internal rules of procedure.
- the hosts must guarantee that everything in the apartments is working, everything is as promised and agreed.
- if there are obvious defects in the apartments or inventory, the host must show them to the guest.
- For stays of 10 days or more, the hosts must change bedding and towels (bed linen and towels are changed every 7 days) at no extra charge.

3. Guests shall be obliged to:
- to comply with the regulations of “BALTUVILA” (The Villa of the Balts), which are PRESENTED BELOW. They are also available in each apartment.
- keep safe their belongings. The hosts shall not be liable for your personal belongings.
- The guests are responsible for their children both indoors and outdoors. Pay attention to the safety of your children on the children's playground. Do not leave them unattended. Also, the Guests are responsible for their children using the bicycles, segways or other inventories of BALTUVILA.


- a guest shall keep safe, protect the property of BALTUVILA. Having caused any loss, the guest must compensate it.
- Although we love animals, but please come without your pets.
- a guest can use a safe for free. It is located in each apartment.
- a guest shall be liable for the apartment keys given to him/her and for the remote control of the entry gate. Having lost the keys, you will have to pay €10, having lost the remote control - € 30.
- a guest shall be liable for the remote controls of two TV sets, as well as for the remote control of the luminaire-fan. The hosts will provide the guests with these remote controls during their stay.
- do not take any things belonging to BALTUVILA out of the territory thereof. If you need anything going to the sea, please agree this with the hosts.
- do not bring towels from apartments to the sea. For this purpose you may rent an additional towel.
- if you take out dishes or other tableware from the apartments outdoors, do not forget to bring them back.
- garbage containers are behind the gates. We will appreciate, if you sort your garbage.
- it is allowed to SMOKE only at the places, where you see ashtrays. Please do not smoke in the children's playground and close to them. Let's keep the children’s health safe.
- it is STRICTLY forbidden to smoke in apartments.
- In BALTUVILA, the rest time is from 10.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m. Let’s respect each other as well as your neighbours. Failing to comply with this rule, entitles the neighbours living around, as well as nearby holidaymakers and hosts to call the security service. The service call charge of EUR 10 will be charged to the offender.
- please, notify without any delay the hosts about all faults and other noticed defects in order to solve the problems as soon as possible.
- Thank you for your efforts to use various resources - water, electricity - economically. By doing this, you will help to save our mother earth.

All and any disputes arising between the hosts of the villa and guests shall be settled by negotiation.

We wish you a good rest. Enjoy your time here.

Baltų vila - For Your Rest, Žilvino str, 3, Kunigiškės, Palanga, 00160

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